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“….appreciated the time spent with me to discuss various options for an engagement ring….and to get useful information.” – Jeanette H.


Express your style with timeless accessories

If you're looking for jewelry or other items that are different from what everyone else has, check out our selection of pre-owned (also known as estate) jewelry, Rembrandt charms, and Chatham synthetic gemstones. Sell or consign pieces here, too!

Acquire a piece of the past like a modern gold chain, diamond stud earrings, an Art Deco sterling silver necklace, or a Victorian cameo. Ask our graduate gemologist with 15 years of experience about the history and social ramifications associated with your purchase and its previous owners.

Wear your vintage and modern jewelry with confidence. Let our on-site repairman and graduate gemologist examine and repair all of your sentimental favorites to ensure they stay fastened, look great, and give you peace of mind.

One person’s past showpiece is another’s future treasure. Bring your vintage jewelry, accessories, and other collectibles to our shop to sell or consign. Located among other resale shops in the Clintonville neighborhood, there’s always a new find in need of repurposing!

Buy and repurpose a part of history

Sell or consign pieces with a past and a story

Make something old work like new again

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